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Featured on this page are Coral and Vesper

Coral and Vesper, acrylic on canvas

This painting is done with acrylic paint on canvas board. The size of the original is 24inches by 36 inches and was done as a custom order. My style is more illustrative and I tend to try and add a bit of reality to each piece. In this case, the reality stems from the foal-Vesper-and his coloration and lack of horn.

In real horses, especially the Arabian breed, the foal will sometimes be born dark and lighten as they get older. Often they will turn grey. Also, goats and other horned animals are born without horns so they do not rip the udder of the mother while nursing. So, I did both to add some interest to the composition of this painting. It has turned into a personal favorite. It's soon to be published in a children's book and I'll post the information here when it's completed.

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